Author: Tomas Yangbyn
LocalTime: 13:16

Co-innovating a pivoting new subscription service

Mid 2019, one of our clients invited us to a super-secret meeting. After filling out an NDA, we were given a brief about the project: a new subscription service completely in the hands of the end-user. The question is – how can you offer a low cost broadband/mobile/streaming subscription with a smart and automated customer service that your end users would love? Gathering the client, CX experts (us) and one of our digital partners around the table, we drafted a solution with messaging as the only contact channel both on the website and in-app.

The target of the solution was to be primarily accessible in key parts of the customer journey, through the self-service, emphasizing the fundamental idea of ‘leaving the service in the hands of its users’. The self-service would then consist of a new thought up knowledge base together with sharp and conversational troubleshooting trees. All integrated with business systems to deliver a customized experience. 

With Transcom’s CX Advisory and agile approach, we built a customized small effective cross-functional team of advisors and experts covering technology, CX, client specific business process and operational knowledge. At a later stage we added in our conversational experts to configure the self-service and UAT (User Acceptance Test) the entire service itself.. This is one of the most critical pieces in the development, as this is where your consumers will meet your complete solution! This is another area where Transcom outperforms! 

The key takeaways are that you can use different approaches when building a knowledge base. There’s the traditional way with menus and categories based on product and service, and then there’s this newfangled and conversational way where you build your menu and categories based on user intents. Having a dialog based set-up, you create a dynamic connection between all intents and the conversational content, making it a powerful self-service experience for the end users. It’s safe to say that without design there’s no solution! Without CX journey and scenario based thinking there’s no success. And without knowing the details of your operations you will only blame the devil. These vital elements are often underestimated.

Our client launched the new business line product about 9 months later with appraisals. We are so proud that we could be part of this business line innovation from just an idea to a running business.

Combining business strategy, CX expertise and product expertise - service design!