Author: Jakob Westgren
Location: Stockholm, SE
LocalTime: 14:03

T:Den winning idea

As earlier mentioned on this blog we kicked off our innovation hub with a global innovation competition that we decided to name T:Den (very much inspired from the famous BBC show Dragons Den or the american equivalent Shark Tank). You can read more about the T:Den and crowd-sourcing of ideas in this blog post. Now to what you have been eagerly wondering! Who won the prestigious innovation competition? 

The winner of the competition was one of our local IT staff employees in Leon, Spain, Jorge Fernández Blanco. The idea originated from real-life observations on the amount of time spent performing routine errands to our internal IT Service Desk. And so, what about creating a service desk automation that is made accessible through your channel of choice?

The winning idea gave birth to the Transcom Personal Assistant (TPA), designed especially for our employees to support them in finding the information they need or to get help in executing standard tasks like password resets, raising incidents or even just asking what you can expect for lunch in the canteen today.

The fun part of T:Den has just started! We have brought together different individuals from  cross-functional teams to quickly establish a minimum viable product (MVP) that can be tested with real employees in the coming weeks. The MVP scope is set-out to be a chat-bot that can create incident tickets in our IT Management System through Google chat, which is our Transcom internal collaboration channel. We have decided to use the same technology that we also recommend to our clients, to help us to explore and learn more about its technical capabilities but even more so to re-confirm that it is indeed the best in breed in the market.

As soon as we go live with our MVP, we will get back to you with our leanings, failures, laughs and plans for the product ahead - stay tuned!