Author: Stefan Berg
Location: Stockholm, SE
LocalTime: 7:39

Happy birthday T:Labs!

To meet the demands of a fast moving industry and be at the forefront of innovation to help our clients grow, we are now announcing the birth of T:Labs, an innovation hub that is cross functional and geographical. T:Labs will capture and explore ideas through a structured process for ideation and experimentation.

We believe in challenging the norm, going beyond the known, changing perceptions and transforming ideas into actions to create smarter experiences for our people, clients and clients’ customers. The world of customer services is going through major changes as a result of digitization of services, and our clients turn to us for partnership on their digitalization journey. Our goal has always been to help our clients reach their goals to grow their business with happy customers, and we believe an approach where we can drive rapid innovation and experimentation with them is key.

T:Labs Three Primary Purposes 

Ideation  - Where we promote cool, inspiring, crazy or simply good ideas that can be refined and explored further. 

Experimentation - To understand the viability of the idea and make sure that it delivers value as expected

Communication - Since we are firm believers in the democratization of innovation. We will share key learnings and findings that are suited for the public and can help our industry at large on our microsite, The feedback we’re getting will feed right back into the innovation loop.

One of the first live examples of ideation is our internal innovation competition T:Den which crowdsources ideas for new innovations among all employees. More information about this shortly, stay tuned! 

Happy birthday T:Labs!

Stefan Berg